Capacitance Capacitor Tester Resistance Meter Inductance Multimeter USB Power Supply

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  • Features:- Using SCM port directly synchronous detection, single chip to generate square wave signal measurement and precision of the synchronization signal.- using a method similar to LCR digital bridge detection.After the 90 phase synchronous detection, obtain the capacitance. Electrolytic capacitor used frequency method to measure the capacity, extends the measurement range.- To solve nonlinear problems of constant resistance of encouragement, the square wave response of RC series expansion, and series prior two calculation of Rs and Cs, greatly improving the measurement accuracy of 2uF following high Q CBB capacitors.- the application of over sampling technique,use the12 bit AD converter,so just one range can achieve 0.01 to 20 ohm measurement.- With automatic constant zero function, zero drift reduction decimal zero,ensure the long time stable.- to join the temperature drift compensation circuit, which makes the detection circuit structure is close to the bridge circuit, temperature driftis very small.- only one button for ESR and the inductance and power switch.
  • Resistance range: 0.01-20 Ohm, accuracy is 1+2digit
  • Capacitance ESR range: 0.01-20 ohm, require for the value lager than 0.1uF, accuracy is 1+2digit
  • Accuracy: 1+2digit
  • Capacitance range: 0.1-1000 microfarad, accuracy is 2+/-10digit
  • Inductance range: 0-1200 microhenry(3kHz) accuracy is 2+2digit
  • Package Weight : 80 G / 2.82 Ounces
  • Package Dimensions (L*W*H) : 110*55*45 MM / 4.33*2.17*1.77 Inches
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          • Package Include:
          • ESR01 LCR Meter
          • English manual

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