DIY 45W SSB HF Linear Power Amplifier Radio Transceiver Shortwave Radio Development Board Kit

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  • Main Features:- For ssb, AM linear power amplifier, CW, FM power amplifier, and the most basic signal amplification expansion.- By adjusting the V303 version of the time, the high-gain put up at 28MHz output power of 25W, basically squeezed out of the tube IRF530 potential.- Overall gain of more than 40dB, which is 10,000 times, the input power 1mW , output power 10W
  • Input Power: 1-5mW
  • Output Power: max. 45W (this data is the first test of the data, the new data is below)
  • Output Impedance: 50Ohm, according to need adjustment between 10-200 Euro
  • Suite Size: 0mm x 100mm
  • Input and Output Interfaces: standard sma interfaces, external thread hole
  • In 3Mhz-5Mhz, due to the low frequency, low inductance, resulting in a gain of a certain loss of output power a little lower than 7Mhz:- 3.500MHz 54W- 7.050MHz 5W- 10.000MHz 57W- 14.270MHz 55W- 21.400MHz 41W- 24.000MHz 37W- 28.100MHz 25W- 29.00MHz 20W
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  • Package Include:
  • 1 x Radio Transceiver Shortwave Radio Development Board Kit

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